The Empowered Trader by Mark Fechner

Learning to Respond to the Market, not just React

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Head shot2 200X200CPC LogoELI MP logo v1Empowering Conscious Choices is the working blog of Mark Fechner and the coaching practice of eTradingCoach.

Mark Fechner is a certified professional coach receiving his CPC accreditation from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) as well as Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index.   The ELI assessment is a personal developmental tool designed to help traders understand how they make decisions under stressful situations.

Having been involved in trader’s education since 2005, Mark has over 3000 hours of individual coaching and 200 hours of group coaching.  He presents a weekly webinar, the Master Mind Sessions as well as hosts a monthly meeting of the Chicago Trading Group which was established in September of 2005.

Mark’s coaching philosophy centers around creating a partnership with the client.  The goal of the partnership is to:

  1. establish the client’s goals,
  2. create a clear, step by step, plan on achieving those goals,
  3. work through those steps and coach any obstacles that might block the client from accomplishing those steps.

Mark is an active trader since 2002 trading the Forex and Futures markets, primarily the indexes.  His basic trading methodology includes short, intraday trades on small time frames as well as swing and position trading for days and weeks in length.   Mark has managed a small family account since 2003.

A native resident of Chicago, IL, Mark is an avid sailor and tries to get out on Lake Michigan as often as possible.  His life experiences include musician, graphic artist, inside and outside sales, computer programmer, teacher and luthier.  He lives on the south side of the city with his wife and daughter.

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Written by etradingcoach

May 16, 2011 at 5:24 pm

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