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Learning to Respond to the Market, not just React

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Welcome to the re-launch and renaming of my blog, The Empowered Trader – Learning to Respond to the Market, not just React.  The name change is representative of not only the change in my writing but also the change in my philosophy of coaching.

Since the last regular posting I did, some 14 months ago, I’ve done a lot of soul searching figuring out what I wanted to say to you, my audience.  Learning to discipline myself to regularly sit down and write was a great learning experience, but the message was not very clear and the direction was too vague.

So in creating clarity, I needed to do some soul searching to define my purpose and vision for this blog.  That vision needed to represent the change in my coaching philosophy (more on this philosophical change in a moment.) The end result of all this introspection has been to take on a rather large undertaking to change the way you think about being a trader and, on a grandeur scale, change how the industry thinks about coaching traders.

The ambitious goal of changing the world comes from my history of trading and coaching.  My original educator role consisted of teaching technical analysis, the basics of money management, and how to use a trading platform. That was about it. The hard part of trading, psychology, was limited to regurgitating the tired old list of trading advice axioms; don’t trade with emotions, the trend is your friend, plan your trade and trade your plan, and so on. (I’m sure you have a favorite you could add.)

In 2008 I realized that my teaching/mentoring was essentially ineffective.  New traders saw great advances in their trading because of their huge learning curve, but the more experienced, having mastered a basic understanding of the fundamentals of trading, were still flat or slightly better than even in their results. Regardless of the experience level, helping trader’s with the “psychology of trading” was minimized to citing platitudes and being a supportive cheerleader.

So in January of 2009 I began a year-long search for a better way to serve my clients.  That search led me to the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and after 8 months and 300 hours of instruction, my certified professional coach credentials.

The coach training and subsequent years of practice have led me to the clarity of my purpose and the change in my coaching philosophy which is:

Trading is about understanding your decisions, how your decisions are influenced by your values, beliefs, and life experiences, and how these affect your trading results!

Decisions like:

  • what type of trader you want to be,
  • what market you want to trade,
  • what method you use,
  • how much money you are willing to risk,
  • what is a risky market to you,

are just the tip of the iceberg but it illustrates the depth by which trading decisions reach.  Understanding what is affecting your decisions can lead to greater consistency in your trading profits.

This blog and subsequent newsletter are dedicated to demystifying the decision process so you can achieve the consistent profits you desire.

Thank you for taking a moment to read my blog.  Any comments would be welcomed.



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July 31, 2013 at 7:00 am

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